Strengthen employability to attract more students

Equip students with the most in-demand skills and prepare them for job success.

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Support Given

Offer students 5,400 courses from 275+ leading universities and industry partners


Prepare your students for in-demand jobs

Strengthen student employability with skills training from the world’s leading companies.

With Career Academy, enable your students to:


Expand your curriculum and empower your faculty

Deliver practical, job-relevant learning experiences with professional content and courses from university and industry experts

World-Class Content

Connect students to a wide range of content from hundreds of industry leaders and universities.

Guided Projects

Give students hands-on projects to practice skills and stand out to employers.

Professional Certificates

Help your students grow job confidence, apply learning, and hone critical skills in high-growth fields.

LMS Integration

Streamline the learning experience by linking EtrainIndia to your learning management system.

Join colleges and universities worldwide that choose EtrainIndia for Campus

Help prepare career-ready graduates

Widen your reach, enhance your curriculum, and empower students and faculty with EtrainIndia for Campus.

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