This course is for Everybody who are interested to learn Python programing language. This course will introduce basic python programming concepts such as variables, loops, dictionaries, tuples etc , then advance concepts on libraries. This course also throw light on Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Learn basic concepts of python variables, loops, dictionaries, tuples, operators and operands.
  • Learn about python libaries, error handling and concepts Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Module 1: Introduction to Python
    • Introduction
    • Installation
    • variables, Operators and Strings

    Module 2: Deep Dive into Python

    • Input Output functions
    • Loops, List, dictionaries, tuples
    • File Handler

    Module 3: Python Libraries

    • Pandas
    • Series and Data Frames
    • Grouping, aggregating, and applying

    Module 4: Error Handling

    • Dealing with syntax errors
    • Exceptions
    • Handling exceptions with try/except

    Module 5: Advance

    • Regression
    • Correlation Matrix
    • Linear Regression
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    1. Time allowed: 1 hour  
    2. Attempts per question:
      • One attempt – For True/False questions
      • Two attempts – For any question other than True/False
    3. Clicking the “Final Check” button when it appears, means your submission is FINAL.  You will NOT be able to resubmit your answer for that question ever again

    IMPORTANT: Do not let the time run out and expect the system to grade you automatically. You must explicitly submit your answers, otherwise they would be marked as incomplete.


  • Certification along with e-courseware offered by IBM

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