Introduction to Natural Health and Healing

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6 Weeks / 24 Course Hrs

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Would you like to learn more about natural health but don’t know where to start? In this course, we’ll discuss the various stages of health and illness, and you’ll discover that true health means wholeness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Using a variety of methods like diet, hydrotherapy, positive attitude, relaxation, yoga, chiropractic, natural remedies and more, you’ll explore way to achieve total health in mind, body, and spirit. By the end of this course, you’ll have begun taking charge of your own health and healing!

Details + Objectives

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  • Learn about the various stages of health and illness
  • Gain an understanding of naturopathy and helping your body heal itself
  • Find out about proper breathing techniques
  • Learn the value of hydrotherapy, diet, biorhythms, and fasting
  • Learn about vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, free radicals, and the basic requirements that constitute a healthy diet
  • Understand herbal healing, aromatherapy, body therapies, massage techniques, osteopathy, chiropractic, T’ai Chi, reflexology, yoga, Feng Shui, therapeutic touch, and natural remedies for common emergencies


  • Instructor led or self paced online course
  • 6 -12 weeks to complete
  • 24 course hours


  • Go on a personal journey to better health that will positively impact you and your family
  • Maintain a personal health journal as you discover how your behaviors can affect your health
  • Learn ways to improve total health and healing including mind, body and spirit
  • Open the door to unique career opportunities as you learn to help others


LESSON 1 & 2
Receive an introduction to the principles of natural healing and discuss the various stages of health and illness. Learn to self-evaluate your health and how your behaviors have positive and negative effects. Then, learn all about naturopathy and its basic philosophy—seeking ways to help your body to heal itself.

LESSON 3 & 4
Explore ways to use the power of the mind and the placebo effect as you learn more about brain function tests, visualization, relaxation therapies, and the power of belief. Then, look at nutrition including: nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and free radicals. You’ll even learn how to develop menus to improve your health.

LESSON 5 & 6
Briefly explore the history of herbal healing and look at herbal charts to help you to understand some of the most beneficial herbal remedies. Then, learn about aromatherapy and how to blend oils for medicinal uses.

LESSON 7 & 8
Discover the wonders of body therapies as you explore many of the most popular therapies and their benefits including: massage techniques, osteopathy, chiropractic, T’ai Chi, reflexology, and yoga. Then, learn all about natural energy fields including how to center your consciousness, and you’ll have the opportunity to try energy modulation.

LESSON 9 & 10
Gain an understanding of the relationship between your immune system and the health of your surroundings as you learn to identify pollutants in your environment. Then, discover how to use natural remedies for common emergencies, illnesses and injuries.

LESSON 11 & 12
Begin to understand the effect that light, color, and music can have on your mood and behavior. You’ll learn how to heal and relax by using practical applications of these therapies. Finally, you’ll continue to learn how physical, emotional, and spiritual factors make up your whole being as you begin to take charge of your own health and healing!

Prerequisites / Requirements

There are no prerequisites to take this course.

Hardware Requirements:

  • This course can be taken on either a PC or Mac device.

Software Requirements:

  • PC: Windows XP or later.
  • Mac: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later.
  • Browser: The latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (We recommend Firefox or Chrome).
  • Adobe Flash Player. Click here to download the Flash Player.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the Acrobat Reader.
  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.
  • Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins.


Instructor-led: A new session of each course begins each month. Please refer to the session start dates for scheduling.

Self-Paced: Start your course at any time your schedule permits.

Instructor-led: Once a session starts, two lessons will be released each week, for the 6 week duration of your course. You will have access to all previously released lessons until the course ends.

Self-Paced: You can start your course at anytime, review all lessons in any order, and learn and complete the course at your own pace, within the 3 month access period.

Instructor-led: The interactive discussion area for each lesson automatically closes 2 weeks after each lesson is released, so you’re encouraged to complete each lesson within two weeks of its release.

Self-Paced: There is no time limit to complete each lesson, other than completing all lessons before your 3 month duration of access ends.

Instructor-led: The Final Exam will be released on the same day as the last lesson. Once the Final Exam has been released, you will have 2 weeks plus 10 days to complete the Final and finish any remaining lessons in your course. No further extensions can be provided beyond these 10 days.

Self-Paced: No extensions will be granted since all lessons are accesable at the start of your enrollment, for the full 3 months of access.


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