The RDBMS Training module will get the reader accustomed to RDBMS concepts. This material will help the reader in understanding the basics of RDBMS, what are Entities and Relationships, Overview on Normalization, Database Design and Performance Tuning, JDBC, and Advanced concepts in RDBMS like Database Security and Database back up and Restore.

  • Module 1: Understanding Database Concepts
  • Module 2: Understanding Database Storage
  • Module 3: Entities and Relationships
  • Module 4: The Relational Data Model
  • Module 5: Normalization
  • Module 6: Database Design and Performance Tuning
  • Module 7: Creating Database Objects
  • Module 8: Manipulating Data
  • Module 9: JDBC As The Fundamental Java API
  • Module 10: JPA as the JAVA ORM API
  • Module 11: Database Security
  • Module 12: Understanding Database Backup And Restore
  • Module 13: Introduction To Mysql
      1. Time allowed: 1 hour  
      2. Attempts per question:
        • One attempt – For True/False questions
        • Two attempts – For any question other than True/False
      3. Clicking the “Final Check” button when it appears, means your submission is FINAL.  You will NOT be able to resubmit your answer for that question ever again

      IMPORTANT: Do not let the time run out and expect the system to grade you automatically. You must explicitly submit your answers, otherwise they would be marked as incomplete.

Database Fundamentals

  • Certification along with e-courseware offered by IBM

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